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Cod: CIH-10 Weight: 45 gr.
US$ 8,40
Llipta is a mass formed by a mixture of lime and / or ash amaranth or quinoa, which enhances the extraction of alkaloids of the coca leaf.

Mass formed by a mixture of lime and / or vegetable ash quinoa or amaranth.
Each envelope comes with a medium ball llipta (45g).

How to use
The chaqchar, piqchar or acullicar (terms of Andean languages) is the act of introducing coca leaves in the mouth and moisten them with saliva, forming a bolus, which is held between the teeth and the inside of the cheeks, to slowly extract the active substances and stimulants.

1) Spread a handful of leaves in hand
2) Adjust so that there is no free space between the sheets
3) Sprinkle some llipta (also called tocra) in the middle
4) Close it into a small ball (this is necessary for the gums does not burn)
5 Chewing ... put on one side of the mouth if you want
6) Absorb juice occasionally
7) Spitting when there is no more liquid to suck and repeat as needed

The effects of the products are backed by empirical experience of ancient traditional medicines, with excellent results and the absence of harmful side effects if supplied in the correct doses. The information indicated not constitute in any way an ordinance or a prescription; the use of these natural products does not exonerate a medical consultation which does not replace INKANATURAL.

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